Monday, 25 March 2013

Rise and Shine

This morning our little man woke up at 4:00 am. The temptation was to encourage him to go back to bed while I covered my head with a pillow and prayed for just 2 more hours sleep. ( That will teach me to stay up all night watching Youtube crafting tutorials). Instead I mustered what energy I could and I shook off the sleepy haze. We went to the kitchen as quietly as a sleepy mom and three year old could do and we decided to surprise everyone with a big Saturday type breakfast....on Monday! As the smells of bacon and toast and fresh fruit wafted down the halls my ten year olds were not long jumping out of bed. By the time my husband got up for work at 5:00 we had a full family breakfast on the table.  Everyone was so happy.  It was like an extra day to the weekend. Granted I am sure the inevitable crash will come around lunch time but I think it was worth it.  What could you do by waking just an hour or two earlier.
Have a wonderful Monday!