Saturday, 30 March 2013

Twas the Night before Easter

Hello Friends,

Tonight I am experiencing the calm before the storm.  You know, those few precious hours before bed when the children are being extra kind to each other in anticipation of receiving there just reward from the Easter Bunny in the morning.  I am trying to bask in these calm sedate moments because I know tomorrow will be filled with the rush and activity of a holiday meal, family visits and sugar ridden little ones.  In the quiet of this evening I am reflecting on the real reason of this celebration.  The victory that Jesus won for us against death over 2000 years ago.  Give yourself a few moments tonight to ponder the price paid for our redemption. Tomorrow, as you watch through eyes awaken too early by excited little ones, take a few moments to thank Him for loving us so much that it overflows onto our families. Have a Blessed Easter -Tracy

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Rise and Shine

This morning our little man woke up at 4:00 am. The temptation was to encourage him to go back to bed while I covered my head with a pillow and prayed for just 2 more hours sleep. ( That will teach me to stay up all night watching Youtube crafting tutorials). Instead I mustered what energy I could and I shook off the sleepy haze. We went to the kitchen as quietly as a sleepy mom and three year old could do and we decided to surprise everyone with a big Saturday type breakfast....on Monday! As the smells of bacon and toast and fresh fruit wafted down the halls my ten year olds were not long jumping out of bed. By the time my husband got up for work at 5:00 we had a full family breakfast on the table.  Everyone was so happy.  It was like an extra day to the weekend. Granted I am sure the inevitable crash will come around lunch time but I think it was worth it.  What could you do by waking just an hour or two earlier.
Have a wonderful Monday!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Tea for Two

Sometimes in my race to accomplish my to do list for the day I forget to put hospitality high enough in my priorities.  I cant tell you how many times while I was a Foster Parent that I rushed through a meeting with a worker without even offering them a glass of water let alone a cup of tea.  In January I pushed myself to go out there and make someone feel more at home.  My husband questioned the value of the gesture but I decided to make cards for two new families that moved into our neighbourhood.  I procrastinated for most of the month letting thoughts of "Does it really matter" sap my energy for the task.  Finally one sunny brisk morning I bundled up my kidlets and we trucked off down the road to deliver my cards.  The first family was away but I left the card for them with someone that was installing their new floors.  The second recipient was home and a bit overwhelmed I think with the prospect of someone knocking on their door.  The cards as it was, were merely simple note cards with pertinent information about our community like recycling days, soccer sign up and what day the dump is open.  Later that week I received a thank you card in the mail with writing on both sides letting me know how much the card and introduction had made the family feel at home. It seems the wife was the caregiver for her ailing father and was feeling a little shut in.  The next day I received a call from the second neighbour again saying how much it meant to be made feel welcome.  I was overjoyed at the response.  Such a little gesture had improved the first impressions of our community to two families.  Today my new friend from the down the road came for tea.  The support worker for her father was there so she had just enough time to walk down to my place and catch her breath.  We had so much in common I was shocked.  She loves scrapbooking and camping and gardening.  We exchanged reviews of different cricut cartridges and perused her friends copy of Pampered Chef ( I am so getting a pizza stone).  The moral of my very long story here is that sometimes taking the time to reach out and show someone you noticed them can reap a large bounty of goodwill.  What can you do today to improve the outlook of someone you don't know yet?

Monday, 18 March 2013

Little Pieces of Life

Hello Friends,
Is there anything as wonderful as the smell of bread baking.  It does not matter to me if it is in the oven or in my bread maker the smell always makes me feel cozy and safe. My children wait in anticipation of the very first bite of the soft warm concoction. I don't even mind if I don't get a slice as the feeling of comfort in the house fills my heart rather that my tummy. What makes your house feel like home? Is it a certain smell or particular music. Whenever I smell a pipe it reminds me of my Dad and my childhood home. He would sit and smoke his pipe filled with aromatic cherry tobacco as my sisters and I completed our homework nearby.

I love things that help  to make memories for my children. Special meals, crafts or trips are important but also the routine of things everyday that will be etched into their little memories. I have Christmas pictures of my oldest son from the time he was two until this year (whew he is almost 16) where he is holding the orange from the toe of his Christmas stocking. We never intentionally asked him to pose with the orange. It just became a bit of our family story as he looks for the orange each year. The orange came as a tradition from my Mom that said her Mother made sure that she had one in the toe of her stocking each year. That easy, a piece of produce has become an anchor for my son into our family story. Take time today to think about what ordinary magic occurs in your home and take the time to write it down. These little scraps of everyday life, the smells and tastes and feelings will enrich your children's memories and help you preserve your family story.

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Sunday, 17 March 2013

One foot in front of the other!

Deep breath, deep breath! What's the line....I think I can, I think I can.

As a child we have all stared in wonder at some special heirloom that we were never allowed to touch. For me it was my Grandma's teacups. They were kept in her china cabinet safe from the slightly sticky smudges I would inevitably have caused. I remember watching with admiration as my Aunts and Uncles sipped tea or coffee from these elusive treasures during holiday meals, waiting for that far off day that I might be allowed the priviledge of using one. That was many years ago. I never did get to drink tea at a holiday get together but those beautiful pink rose cups now adorn my china cabinet. I brought them home after they were unwanted by anyone as we cleared out our grandparents home. They came to be a symbol to me of how we often place more value on items then we should. The teacups are worthless but to me the memories of those family times are priceless. I am making it my goal to be a guardian of memories for my kids....not of things but of our history...the unrepeatable stories of our family.